About Jodee:

Certified Mastectomy Fitting Counselors on Staff Ready to Assist You

Finding and fitting the right bra can be a problem for many women and especially for a woman after breast surgery or a mastectomy. The trained and Certified Mastectomy Fitting Counselors at Jodee Post-Mastectomy Fashions understand your physical and emotional needs and can answer all your questions and help you find the most appropriate mastectomy bra, breast form or mastectomy swimwear following a mastectomy or other breast surgery, thereby restoring your proper body balance and natural silhouette.

Years of Experience and one of the Largest Selections of Post Mastectomy and After-Breast Surgery Bras

The skilled and caring professionals at Jodee Post-Mastectomy Fashions put over 40 years of experience and our superior craftsmanship into every product we sell. Jodee provides one of the largest selections of Post-Mastectomy and After-Breast Surgery bras in the world because they understand the unique needs of women needing After- Breast Surgery bras, breast forms and post-mastectomy apparel to help restore balance to the woman's appearance and balance to her life.

Over 40 Years of Experience and Superior Craftsmanship in Each Product

Jodee Post-Mastectomy Fashions combine experience, design and craftsmanship and offers the widest range of sizes available for women seeking post-mastectomy and after-breast surgery mastectomy bras, silicone mastectomy breast forms, foam mastectomy breast forms, Perma-form bras, mastectomy swimwear.

Mastectomy Bra Quality

Jodee Post-Mastectomy Fashions uses only the best quality fabrics in all of their garments. Every garment is crafted and sewn with the utmost care to meet the highest quality standards. All Jodee products must pass stringent quality control inspections.

Creative Mastectomy Bra Designs

Jodee Post-Mastectomy Fashions knows that a breast form is only as good as the bra that carries it. Jodee® bras are designed to provide excellent fit, lasting comfort and durability. Beautiful, feminine Jodee® bras are designed with women of all ages in mind, because Jodee® recognizes the individual needs of women who have undergone a mastectomy or had breast surgery.

Range of Mastectomy Bra Sizes

Jodee Post-Mastectomy Fashions are available in a wide array of sizes, ranging in cup sizes from AA to II, and band sizes from 32 to 52. There is a Jodee bra for every woman from the most petite to the fullest figure. Custom sizing is also available at a nominal fee.

Balanced-Fit® Cushions

Most Jodee® bras (except styles 401,411,412,500,507,570,571,572,595,810,811 814,816,817, and 820) have a pocket under the arm to hold a Balanced-Fit® cushion. The cushion is available upon request and is free of charge.

Please contact Jodee Post-Mastectomy Fashions online or call us toll-free at (800) 821-2767 for more answers to your post-mastectomy apparel questions.