Perma-Form® Bras

Why Should You Choose a Perma-Form® Bra?

  • Lighter, cooler and easier to wear.
  • Made of lightweight foam sewn permanently into your favorite bra style.
  • Has a weighted core, which helps restore body balance, yet leaves the form lighter than silicone.
  • Foam is cooler and more comfortable on hot, humid days.
  • Easier to wear if you have arthritis, manual dexterity health concerns or if you have trouble inserting the form into the bra pocket.
  • Every Perma-Form Bra from Jodee comes with a 6-month limited replacement warranty against manufacturing defects of the breast form.
  • Should be hand washed and line dried.
  • Please allow 15 days extra for delivery for all custom-made Perma-Form Bras.

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