Breast Forms

Lightweight, Breathable, Foam Breast Forms by Jodee Post-Mastectomy Fashions

Jodee Post-Mastectomy  Foam Breast Forms are designed to restore the natural look of one or both breasts, perfect for women with a single or double mastectomy need. These  foam breast forms aare available in several sizes and shapes, for regular wear and in “quick-drying” sports models, and come in both weighted and non-weighted styles.

Realistic Silicone Breast Prostheses 

Find comfort and confidence with the affordable Jodee Post-Mastectomy  silicone breast prosthsesThese realistic, silicone breast prostheses are made for balance and the best available comfort. See the full Jodee Mastectomy bra catalog for mastectomy bras with pockets to accommodate silicone breast prostheses.   

Breast Form Insurance Coverage Information

See Medicare and other insurance supplier standards for mastectomy breast forms. Feel free to contact Jodee Post-Mastectomy Fashions online or call 800-821-2767 with questions or concerns.


There are currently 12 products.
  • Adjusts to you Mastectomy Breast Form 51


    Adjusts-To-You Double Layer Lightweight Silicone Breast Form

    Style #: 51

    The Adjusts-to-You Double Layer Lightweight Silicone Breast Form Style 51 is a triangular breast form and 35% lighter than tr...

  • Feather-weight Mastectomy Breast Form 133


    Feather-weight Breast Form Style 133

    Style #: 133

    Excellent for travel, resting, sleeping and exercising. Light and soft enough to wear immediately after surgery. Soft, mo...

  • Jewel Plus Mastectomy Breast Form 99


    Jewel-Plus® Style 99

    Style #: 99

    A Teardrop Form Best for moderate surgery, when little tissue has been removed under the arm. You don't have to fee...

  • Caress Mastectomy Breast Form 56


    Mastectomy Silicone Breast Form Caress Style 56

    Style #: 56

    A Triangular Form Choose Light Tone (Style 56) or see (Style 59) for Dark Tone. Caress will moderately fill-in upper ches...

  • Perfect Match Mastectomy Breast Form 78


    Perfect Match Silicone Mastectomy Breast Form Style 78

    Style #: 78

    For Lumpectomies or Reconstructions This lightweight 100% silicone shell can be used for lumpectomy and reconstructive surg...

  • Sincerely Lite Mastectomy Breast Form 89


    Sincerely "Lite" Style 89

    Style #: 89

    An Asymmetrical Form For More Radical Surgery. 35% Lighter than Traditional Silicone This form is right when substanti...

  • Sincerely Style Mastectomy Breast Form 88


    Sincerely Style Silicone Mastectomy Breast Form 88

    Style #: 88

    An Asymmetrical Form for More Radical Surgery This form is right when substantial tissue has been removed under the arm. Cu...

  • So Very Lite Mastectomy Breast Form 86


    So Very Lite Style 86

    Style #: 86

    35% Lighter than traditional Silicone "So Very Lite" breast form features a new lightweight silicone that is softer th...

  • Softly Mastectomy Breast Form 44


    Softly Breast Form Style 44

    Style #: 44

    An Asymmetrical Form. Restore body balance ... yet is lighter than silicone. They are made of fine-quality polyurethane wei...

  • Softly II Mastectomy Breast Form 45


    Softly II Breast Form Style 45

    Style #: 45

    A Triangular Form. Restore body balance ... yet is lighter than silicone. They are made of fine-quality polyurethane weight...

  • Sports Mastectomy Breast Form 46


    Sports Form Style 46

    Style #: 46

    Symmetrical Lightweight Triangular Monoprene Bead Form. Retains shape when swimming, exercising or lounging Not affected ...

  • Lite-Weight Mastectomy Breast Form 54


    The Newest "Lite-Weight" Style 54

    Style #: 54

    35% Lighter Than Traditional Silicone A Teardrop Form Best For More Moderate Surgery. This form is best when little tissue ...